Animal Sense

"It is a book for the curious child in each of us, and lots and lots of the clever wordplay is as much to an adult’s liking as the words in Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat."  — Stephen L. Petranek, Discover Magazine


Ackerman’s lovely little book of poetry will appear at first glance to be a good gift for a child, and indeed a child would be handy to have around so you could justify reading the book aloud. 


BATS: Shadows in the Night 

Diane Ackerman takes a beguiling look at bats close up as she accompanies bat expert and founder of Bat Conservation International, Merlin Tuttle, on a trip to study these often misunderstood mammals. 



"Monk Seal Hideaway will enchant readers of all ages." —  The Journal

Join Diane Ackerman, as she journeys to the last refuge of the most endangered of all seal species, the Hawaiian monk seal.