"Diane Ackerman's A Natural History of the Senses is an aphrodisiac for the sense receptors. Read a chapter, then step outside and voila: The sky is a deeper blue, the birds sing a sweeter song. How could the world seem otherwise, after feasting on such voluptuous prose?"
--Chicago Tribune

"A Natural History of the Senses is full of answers to the sorts of questions that the child in each of us often asks. But what draws you most happily through the book is the language. Ms. Ackerman gives the reader the richest possible feeling of the worlds that the human senses take in."
-- Christopher Lehman-Haupt, The New York Times

"Ms. Ackerman brings a poet's eye, a sharp intellect, and meticulous research to her Natural History. Letting a writer of the finest sensibility take us on a guided tour of our senses is exhilarating and emancipating-- the best kind of journey."
-- Nicholas Christopher

A dramatic love story that combines science, inspiration, wisdom, and heart.
A true WWII story of people, animals, and subversive acts of compassion.
A book that celebrates nature at dawn, many forms of awakening, and the healing power of nature.
A poetic exploration of the mysteries of the brain and the marvel of the mind.
A natural history of the garden, by an intellectual sensualist. “An enchanting book.”--New York Times Book Review
A celebration of the five senses. "An aphrodisiac for the sense receptors." --Chicago tribune
A special caliber of play that awakens the most creative, sentient, and joyful aspects of our inner selves.
Adventure stories among endangered animals.
More adventures among endangered animals.
A memoir about learning to fly and what that teaches one about the world.
A delightfully witty collection of poems showing how the senses enrich the experiences of all living beings.